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Process Overview

The internet is full of coaches offering 1 on 1 fitness coaching services that force you into a restrictive diet, that they give to all their clients in a one-size-fits all approach.

Then they blame you when you don’t follow it, because it's solely based on discipline and willpower. Not science and your unique starting point.

Not only does this process suck and take the joy out of living your life, but it doesn't work long-term.

The time and energy investment doesn’t have a good ROI.

We do not do that.

We understand that every one of our clients is metabolically, hormonally, and psychologically unique with different lifestyle factors in play.

It is key that we create a system that takes into account these four factors when developing your action plan.

This is why the BioFit Performance Method helps you create a high-performance body and keep it for the long term.

How does the BioFit Method Work?


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Introducing the BioFit Performance Method: One-on-one online coaching to achieve optimal health, longevity, and unlock your performance potential.

Meet Your Coach

Kevin Masson

Kevin Masson is a sports performance specialist and injury prevention expert who has worked with an impressively diverse clientele in his 15 years career. Kevin is the founder of Biofit Performance, one of the best training facilities in the state of Florida.

Kevin is a former professional athlete with a short career playing rugby in England. He then attended Barry University in Miami, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology and a master in Biomechanics.

A published researcher in the Journal of American College of sports medicine and the New England Journal of Biomechanics. Kevin has made name for himself training high-level professional athletes in the NFL and MLB.

Kevin then decided to apply his knowledge and expertise to create the BioFit performance method.

Currently, working with only a handful of high performers who demand the best of themselves and want expert level guidance on how to train their bodies more intelligently, improve their physique, have high levels of energy both inside and outside of the gym, get stronger than they’ve ever been, reduce daily stress and get extremely well-conditioned.

BioFit performance Method - BPM

What is the biofit performance method?

Our unique 5-4-3-2 BioFit Performance Method (BPM) was developed using data science and extensive research in the fields of health and performance training. The BPM method was curated to incorporate everything you need for optimum performance while building healthy habits that prolong your life. While customized for each individual, the BPM method broadly covers

5 Recovery Modalities

4 Strength


3 Cardio Based

Zone 2

2 High Intensity Interval Training

Some of our 1:1 Clients’ Results

What sets BioFit apart is the knowledge and expertise that the coaches bring. There are a variety of workout opportunities that strive to support you as you continue to grow and move forward towards your goals.

Some of our 1:1 Clients’ Results

BioFit Performance has impacted my life tremendously over the last few months. I was frustrated with my weight and was looking for something to change my trajectory. Part of the program is having a coach to guide you.

Some of our 1:1 Clients’ Results

After injuring my lower back years ago I was in a continuous loop of restarting working out and reinjuring myself. Starting with BioFit, they took a holistic approach with my fitness that allows me to stay in the gym, build strength, and rehab old injuries. The entire team takes great care to ensure you can workout while mitigating risks of reinjury.

WHO is the BioFit Performance Method for?

High performing middle-aged individuals who want more out of life

This journey will not be an easy one, because the result is a lifelong transformation.

If you’ve seen success in business or life, and are self-made, you know the work required to become great, and you have the perfect mindset and experience to see incredible results with this program.

Individuals who want better performance in their career, relationships, and health

As you get older, you start to lose your vitality in the main areas in life that you value. Spending quality time with your family and being fully in the moment, focused energy levels for high performance in your career or business, and being able to create lasting memories with the most important people in your life.

It's time to regain what you once had when you were younger, and become even better.

You’re already a high achiever in your career, and now want to achieve more with your BODY

You’ve worked hard to move up in your career or build the business you have. You have focused so much to level up all other areas in your life… It's now time to give yourself a body and overall health that you are truly proud of… and it’s through the BioFit Performance Method.

Our Risk Free


When you apply, we schedule an initial call to see if you are a good fit for our programs and get crystal clear on your goals and what it will take to achieve them. With your willingness and full commitment to the process, we guarantee results and will work with you for as long as it takes to get you there.

You demand the best. We deliver.

Having helped thousands of people reach new levels of health and fitness, and sustain or improve those levels year after year, we have the skills, knowledge and experience required to get you tangible results.

That is why we guarantee results or will work with you until you get the desired results.